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The Dread and Disappointment of Joy: Understanding the Healing Energy Behind Setting Intentions

Every year for my birthday I usually spend time reflecting on my life, my purpose, where my choices have taken me and the directions I wish to go.  This year, I was in quite a rush and only had time for a brief moment before heading off to family graduation celebrations and parties.  So, I quickly settled into my heart space, set an intention for my theme for the upcoming year and grabbed ONE card from a favorite oracle deck, “Whispers of Lord Ganesha” by Angela Hartfield. 

As I looked upon this card, my heart sank.  Ugh.  Can you believe it?  “Seriously?” Was my first thought, followed by - “oh no … what is in store for me?”  with a slight feeling of dread.

The card I chose was “JOY.”  

Now, at fist glance, the card “JOY” should be a wonderful card with the hope and promise of blissful moments of happiness - angels  and magic and fairy dust sprinkling down and making my...

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Cut the Cords? Hell No! Should You Take Your Energy Healer Seriously?

Just because someone else thinks you should do something, doesn’t mean it’s right for you even if that someone is your energy healer.

Let me explain.

Back when my children were teenagers and I was deep in the motherhood drama that goes with parenting teenage children, I was trading healing sessions with a colleague.  She saw my situation as being bound by cords of obligations to my children.  She had never had children and interpreted those cords to be a negative aspect, holding me back, and limiting my life experience.  In the session, she suggested that I remove those cords.  

Now, I took my role as a mother very seriously.  I consider motherhood to be a Divine agreement to nurture and guide the souls of my children on this Earth until they reached a mature age in which to venture outside of the protection of my motherly arms.  This was one of my core values and an internal part of my belief system.  I consider Motherhood to be a...

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Break the Energetic Separation. See the Divine Light in Everyone

Today, I challenge you to acknowledge the divine light within yourself and recognize that same divine light in everyone you see before you.

Acknowledge the divine light in the one you despise, in the one you would hate, in the one you avoid. 

You do not need to agree with their choices or politics.  Those are simply choices of expression.  Acknowledge - truly pause and acknowledge - the divine light in the one before you; even if, they are choosing to express their divinity in a way that is out of resonance with your own vibrational frequency.  

Just try it and see what happens. 

And here’s why:

The more you feel the need to define who and what you are, the more you create energetic separation.

Now, I am not talking about equality or any kind of political agenda.

I am talking about what takes place internally within your own energetic field.

We all want to be unique and special.

We all want our voices to be heard and our plight to be witnessed and...

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Hocus-Pocus, Abracadabra! The Magical World of Energy Healing

Unlike fairytales, energy healing does not magically make your problems disappear.

No matter how much you wish or tap your heals three times, energy healing will not lift you up and transport you into another reality.  There is no magic wand or cure-all pill.  The trumpets don’t blare, the angels don’t sing, and the stars don’t magically align to illuminate your world.

You will still be accountable and responsible for the creations you have made, the actions you have taken, and the choices you have chosen.  You will still have to pay your bills, honor your commitments, and tend to your obligations.


Energy healing techniques are intended to:

  • Bring you a greater awareness to the sources of contention, anger, and resentments to your situation and circumstances.

  • Release you from your agreements to experience your paradigm through suffering, pain, or anger.

  •  Remove the vibrational ties that you hold in the patterns of...

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Memories: Choosing a Loving Narrative

Over the Holidays, I spent time reminiscing with my family and loved ones.  We laughed, we cried, we got annoyed and frustrated, as we each recalled the memories from our lives that tie us together.  The triumphs we’ve shared, heartaches we’ve endured, and the moments that brought us joy… We each recalled them in our own way, with our own details, and each with our unique heart-strings that triggered other memories, other attachments, other themes in our lives.

Whether I was with my sisters recalling our childhood events, my children listening to their stories of growing up, or my parents and elder members of the family, not one of us had the same relocation of events.  We each had our own version, our own feelings, and our own meanings that we assigned to each memory.  

Sometimes, memories of joy for some would be a source of agony for another.  What was happening?  How could this be?  We all shared the same original experience....

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Bringing Light Into Our Own Darkness: 3 Simple Tips To Nourish Your Depleted Energetic Body Through the Winter Months

The cool crisp mornings of Autumn, Halloween, All Saint’s Day, the Day of the Dead ... All mark the shortening of the days as we descend into the seasons of winter, inner reflection and stillness.  Cultures all around the globe have felt the energetic effects of this time of year.  

Usually, I love this pause in the business of life.

This year, however, I feel myself feeling closed in, disconnected and longing for community.

Usually, my Spring and Summers are filled with connecting with friends and family; connecting with the beauty, awe and wonder of nature; connecting to the part of my soul that nourishes my heart, restores my mind and heals my body.

This year has been much different.  It feels like the hibernation from last winter never ended and now it’s about to get even darker, colder, more isolated.

Seasonal depression effects nearly 10 million Americans.  This year those numbers are sure to be even higher and more significant for those...

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Energy Healing is Like Dusting: The Process of Healing

Energy Healing is like Dusting

Have you ever noticed that no matter how careful you try to dust something, dust particles still fly up into the air and settle back down onto your diligent, hard work a few minutes after you have finished the job? 

Energy healing is similar to this process.  

We invite the whole of the loving Universe to ever so gently move things around, cleanse and release the “dirt” of our lives back into the loving hands of Divine Light.  Some things are instantly removed and cleared, like the dust particles on the rag.  Other things are shifted.  They float around a bit, then settle back into our energetic field with new resonance.  This gives us another opportunity to re-examine them, while continuing to learn and grow.  When we are ready to completely let them go, the healing takes place.  

With any type of energy healing there is a “settling” period for the process to take place and the...

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Overcome Obstacles by Embracing the Divine Aspect of the Situation and the Willingness To Be Liberated From It

We all have them.  Some big, some small.  Most of them created by our own doing, and only existing within the confines of our own minds. 

It’s easy to notice solutions to other people’s obstacles.  We can see what course of actions they need to take quite plainly.  

“All they need to do is this.   I don’t know what their hang up is.” 

Have you ever heard yourself thinking or saying something like that about a friend, loved one or co-worker? 

We all do.

But for some reason, when it comes to looking at our own lives, our own dilemmas, and (yes, I will say it) our own problems, we often find ourselves stuck behind the boulders of our own limiting belief structures, locked into a pattern of reoccurring behaviors and choices that reinforce the rubble that has solidified our obstacles into a mess of immobility.

At some point, we either make a determining decision to bring out the heavy equipment and remove the boulders...

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Standards and Expectations: Questions to Ask When You Think You Failed

By whose standards and expectations are you judging yourself, and why?

There are so many times in life that we unconsciously make our choices and decisions based on what we think others expect us to do.  We chose our careers, friends, homes, lifestyles because we think that is what we are supposed to do.  We subconsciously determine our sense of value and worth based on how we feel we measure up to those around us, and how we feel they expect us to be.

If you are feeling not good enough, perhaps it is time to ask yourself, “By whose standards and expectations am I judging myself?”  Your answers may surprise you.

When we hold ourselves to the standards and expectations of those around us, we often feel as if we have failed, don’t measure up or that we are better than others.  This type of thinking is unhealthy and perpetuates behaviors of self-sabotage and negative self-talk.  Both of which are damaging to our spiritual well-being.  


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Choosing to Be in Relationship Through the Expression of Unconditional Love

Every aspect of your life is in relationship to everything else around you.  You are in relationship with all your human interactions, with every thought you think and with every feeling you feel.

It is through your relationships, or rather how you choose to relate to the world around you, that you learn and grow as a spiritual being.

It is through your relationships that you are given the opportunity to actively apply and put into action the teachings, ideals and theologies you have contemplated or studied.  And, it is through your relationships that you form your opinions and judgments about yourself and others.

Every moment of everyday, you have the opportunity to choose how you want to be in relationship with your encounters and surroundings.  You may choose to align your choices in resonance with unconditional love or through the vibrations of fear.

Choosing to be in relationship through the expression of unconditional love does not mean being a...

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