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Cut the Cords? Hell No! Should You Take Your Energy Healer Seriously?

Just because someone else thinks you should do something, doesn’t mean it’s right for you even if that someone is your energy healer.

Let me explain.

Back when my children were teenagers and I was deep in the motherhood drama that goes with parenting teenage children, I was trading healing sessions with a colleague.  She saw my situation as being bound by cords of obligations to my children.  She had never had children and interpreted those cords to be a negative aspect, holding me back, and limiting my life experience.  In the session, she suggested that I remove those cords.  

Now, I took my role as a mother very seriously.  I consider motherhood to be a Divine agreement to nurture and guide the souls of my children on this Earth until they reached a mature age in which to venture outside of the protection of my motherly arms.  This was one of my core values and an internal part of my belief system.  I consider Motherhood to be a sacred soul agreement, a gift I was given to nurture and cherish.  

Yes, I was indeed bound by divinely ordered cords of obligation to my children.  These were not icky sticky obligation cords filled with disdain and resentments.  These were cherished, honored, soul agreement cords, a Divine agreement to be the guardian of the souls for the early part of my children’s earthly journey.  Sacred.  

How could I possibly remove those cords?  And more importantly, why would I ever want to?

This was something she could not understand.  Her perception, based on her own personal biases, saw my role of motherhood as being stuck in a limiting belief system that could easily be shifted and changed.

But for me, it was not limiting at all.  It was full and expansive, larger than me and life itself.  It was part of my Divine Purpose, a gift from God, the fullest expression and embodiment of Creation!

She was flabbergasted at my refusal to remove those cords, and quite stuck in her ability to explore another avenue, another source, another reason for the issues surrounding my healing session.  

So, which perspective was right?  Was I just being resistant to my own healing?  Or was the energy healer imposing her beliefs and bias on me?

So often when we are engaged with the healing process, we do become resistant to releasing our limiting beliefs.  We become so attached to them.  They are comfortable and familiar.  The thought of being without them is uncomfortable and, often times, down right scary.  Who would we be without them?  For this reason, it is always a good idea to give yourself time to really contemplate any recommendation to remove a belief structure.  Let yourself explore all the intersecting layers associated with the belief with an open mind, and really listen to the voice of your soul for the truth.

On the other hand, a good energy worker will be able to work around any resistance you have.  They will be able to address other areas or blockages that are less threatening to release and heal the parts within you that are afraid of the changes.  A good energy healer is able to step outside of their own personal paradigm and be fully available to you for your journey at a pace that is comfortable for you.  A good energy healer is able to hold space for you while you learn to realign and be in resonance with the changes you desire to make in your life.  

When a limiting belief structure is identified and resistance to shifting that belief arises, it is often met with a surge of angst, outrage, fear, sorrow, panic or sarcasm.  In my case, I was quite calm and quite clear.  There was no emotional trigger.  It was simply not a belief structure I was willing to change, even if someone else thought it was limiting.

As an energy healer, it is important to honor and respect the belief structures of our clients, even if we don’t agree or understand them.  They are not our beliefs to change.  We can only offer suggestions, viewpoints, and perspectives that our clients may not be able to see from their vantage point.  We can assist, guide, and hold loving space for our clients to make the changes they desire in their lives.  To do more is unethical and oversteps a sacred boundary to be in divine service.

As a client, it is your responsibility to always listen to the resonance of your soul.  Only you can know and feel your divine alignment to your purpose.  Just because someone else, even your spiritual leader, therapist, energy healer, or psychic tells you something, doesn’t always mean it is correct.  Definitely, contemplate the information and direction, but always double check with your soul’s inner knowing before re-structuring your belief systems.  To do otherwise, places the authority you have over your life into the hands of another.  

Your life is your choice to experience.  Make your choices consciously.

It is a practice and a skill for a healer to learn to completely step out of their personal paradigm and be fully available within another's paradigm.  As an energy healer, it is imperative to learn this skill.  It is also a skill that often gets over looked and washed aside through the rush of excitement that commences with the learning and experience of a new energetic vibration.  It is also imperative for energy healers to continuously work on their own prejudice and bias.  We can only be as clear, open, and available to our clients as we are within ourselves.  That is why the focus of Arasu Healing Arts is on the healing of the practitioner first, to establish the practice of keeping your lens clean and clear, before working with others.

Seeking the services of any healer should always lead to self-empowerment, liberation and freedom from outside authority.  After all, isn’t that the goal?


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