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The Dread and Disappointment of Joy: Understanding the Healing Energy Behind Setting Intentions

Every year for my birthday I usually spend time reflecting on my life, my purpose, where my choices have taken me and the directions I wish to go.  This year, I was in quite a rush and only had time for a brief moment before heading off to family graduation celebrations and parties.  So, I quickly settled into my heart space, set an intention for my theme for the upcoming year and grabbed ONE card from a favorite oracle deck, “Whispers of Lord Ganesha” by Angela Hartfield. 

As I looked upon this card, my heart sank.  Ugh.  Can you believe it?  “Seriously?” Was my first thought, followed by - “oh no … what is in store for me?”  with a slight feeling of dread.

The card I chose was “JOY.”  

Now, at fist glance, the card “JOY” should be a wonderful card with the hope and promise of blissful moments of happiness - angels  and magic and fairy dust sprinkling down and making my life perfectly wonderful.

But for me, with all my years of experience of working with healing energy … I knew exactly what this card meant and has in store for me …

See, when we intend or desire to cultivate a new level of awareness, vibration or being into our lives, we are suddenly faced with noticing and dealing with everything in our lives that is out of resonance or alignment to that intention.  We are suddenly given the opportunity to cultivate and bring that intention into our physical world - to actually manifest that which we intend.  

Joy … I felt a slow fear of dread and disappointment bubble up to the surface of my consciousness.  My life’s choices, the thoughts and feelings I have chosen to experience outside of joy suddenly lit up, and I knew at once, that I had created them and chosen to allow them to prevent my own experience of JOY… 

The good news is, I also have the power to shift and change each and every one of those thoughts, feelings, and experiences, just as each and everyone of you also do.

Being in the state of JOY does not mean that every moment is filled with bliss and happiness.  Let’s face it, there are some things in life that just plain suck and feel horrible as we are going through the experience.  

Being in the state of JOY means that we recognize and allow ourselves to express whatever emotions we are feeling in the present moment, and at the same time recognizing and honoring our Divine aspect of self through the experience.  We retain our connection to our Source and our knowing that whatever the experience, we are willing to learn, grow and become that which we truly are:  A living, breathing, physical manifestation of Creation.


Let yourself give birth to this new knowing and understanding as you discover happiness in your New Year!


If you have set an intention for your life and are  having difficulty experiencing what you thought the outcome of that intention would be, reach out and schedule a Let's Get Acquainted call.  One of my session packages or courses might be just what you need to bring clarity and understanding the energetic connections in your life that are preventing you from fully experiencing your joy.


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