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Overcome Obstacles by Embracing the Divine Aspect of the Situation and the Willingness To Be Liberated From It

We all have them.  Some big, some small.  Most of them created by our own doing, and only existing within the confines of our own minds. 

It’s easy to notice solutions to other people’s obstacles.  We can see what course of actions they need to take quite plainly.  

“All they need to do is this.   I don’t know what their hang up is.” 

Have you ever heard yourself thinking or saying something like that about a friend, loved one or co-worker? 

We all do.

But for some reason, when it comes to looking at our own lives, our own dilemmas, and (yes, I will say it) our own problems, we often find ourselves stuck behind the boulders of our own limiting belief structures, locked into a pattern of reoccurring behaviors and choices that reinforce the rubble that has solidified our obstacles into a mess of immobility.

At some point, we either make a determining decision to bring out the heavy equipment and remove the boulders that have piled up along our path, or we close the road, stay where we are, or perhaps, change direction altogether.

I have recently realized that one of my obstacles deals with social media.  Imagine the havoc this presents as I embark on creating an online school and business model!

Let me explain.

When my children were in their teen years, I encouraged them to limit their time on social media.  I wanted them to learn to actively engage in life and establish relationships “in the real world.

Out of love, I subconsciously created a belief structure that online social media was part of a fantasy world (like a video game) and subsequently, interactions and relationships created in that fantasy world, weren’t real either making them invalid in the “the real world.”

Well now, can you see the huge, self-created obstacle I made?


Who would have thought that a well meaning act of motherhood would come back and present itself to me as an obstacle!  

Obstacles and blockages aren't always formed from a negative belief structure or past trauma.  Sometimes they are created from an act of love, protection or a well-meaning act of goodwill.

When we notice one of these “boulders’ before us on our path, our intellectual mind initially tells us, 

“That’s ridiculous!  Just push it to the side or climb over that thing and keep going.”  

Makes sense, right?  We’ve identified it.  We know it’s silly.  And yet, when we go to climb over it, when we go to push it aside, we find ourselves slipping right back into the same spot. Or, we end up uncovering a whole heap of other smaller obstacles that slide in to its place like rubble from a rock slide.

Have you ever noticed that? 

Here’s what happens.  When we begin to discover and remove our limiting belief structures, all the little bits and pieces that held that belief structure in place now have to be addressed as well.  

  • Were there elements of fear associated with that belief?  Perhaps related to a need for belonging, validation, approval, a sense of self-worth etc.
  • Were there ties to family beliefs, ideas, value systems that need to be confronted now or are no longer valid (as in my example)?
  • Were there attachments to religious beliefs, ideologies, or tenants to your faith that are now challenged or no longer make sense? 
  • Did the belief somehow keep you safe, in a nice cozy comfort zone, that now leaves you feeling lost, alone or exposed to the unknown dangers of the world?

These little landslides often show up in those negative little thoughts that zip across your consciousness.  They tend to be things that you weren’t even aware existed, that suddenly fall to your feet and take you by surprise. You know them to not be true,  but they still echo in the back of your mind causing doubt, uncertainty and immobilization.  

Noticing and clearing the obstacles on your path is a process that takes time and gentle loving kindness from your own mental thoughts.  Berating yourself because you think you “should have known better,” rushing in to “cut that thing out of your life,” “purging it from your system,” “breaking free from whatever it is,” are acts of judgment, create resentments and are a form of self-punishment.  None of which are loving or kind, nor do they create lasting positive change in your life.

When we notice an obstacle before us, even if you aren’t 100% sure exactly what it is, you can begin to invite in the willingness to see beyond your current circumstance, the willingness to embrace the Divine loving aspect of the situation and the willingness to be liberated and freed from the obstacles that seem to surmount your dreams.

The act of becoming wiling opens the pathway to true healing, true release and lasting positive change.  Once we are truly willing to create change, change begins to happen easily and effortlessly in ways beyond anything we could possibly imagine.


Jelan Petersen,
Founder & CEO
Arasu Healing Arts


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