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Choosing to Be in Relationship Through the Expression of Unconditional Love

Every aspect of your life is in relationship to everything else around you.  You are in relationship with all your human interactions, with every thought you think and with every feeling you feel.

It is through your relationships, or rather how you choose to relate to the world around you, that you learn and grow as a spiritual being.

It is through your relationships that you are given the opportunity to actively apply and put into action the teachings, ideals and theologies you have contemplated or studied.  And, it is through your relationships that you form your opinions and judgments about yourself and others.

Every moment of everyday, you have the opportunity to choose how you want to be in relationship with your encounters and surroundings.  You may choose to align your choices in resonance with unconditional love or through the vibrations of fear.

Choosing to be in relationship through the expression of unconditional love does not mean being a doormat, a victim or subservient to another.  Choosing to be in relationship through the expression of unconditional love does not mean relinquishing your authority over you life, your domain or your responsibilities.

Choosing to be in relationship through the expression of unconditional love means you honor and respect every aspect of your Self.

It means you stand with integrity for who and what you are.  It means you approach your choices and interactions through honest assessment of you actions and abilities for each and every encounter and experience in your life.

Learning to incorporate unconditional love into every aspect of your life takes strength and bravery.  It is far easier to remain in a closed bubble, disconnected from the truth and hiding in delusions of self-justification and excuses.

However, the moment you realize there truly is more to life, that there is a deeper meaning behind your everyday existence, you begin to crave more knowledge and understanding, and the whole of Creation opens up for you to explore.

At that same moment, the aspects of your life that are out of alignment to unconditional love begin to present themselves to give you the opportunity to fully embrace, embody and employ the frequency of unconditional love.

Navigating this new found awareness through the constructs of your past creations presents a new level of challenges for personal growth and development.  As you learn to understand the creative forces behind your thoughts, choices and actions, your understanding of your role in the circumstances of your life increases.  With this greater awareness, you may then begin to actively make conscious choices by learning to be the full expression of unconditional love.

Arasu Healing Arts offers a safe environment to explore how you are choosing to be in relationship with the constructs of your life, while teaching you ways to learn how to live your life as the expression of unconditional love. 

Jelan Petersen
Founder &  CEO
Arasu Healing Arts
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