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Standards and Expectations: Questions to Ask When You Think You Failed

By whose standards and expectations are you judging yourself, and why?

There are so many times in life that we unconsciously make our choices and decisions based on what we think others expect us to do.  We chose our careers, friends, homes, lifestyles because we think that is what we are supposed to do.  We subconsciously determine our sense of value and worth based on how we feel we measure up to those around us, and how we feel they expect us to be.

If you are feeling not good enough, perhaps it is time to ask yourself, “By whose standards and expectations am I judging myself?”  Your answers may surprise you.

When we hold ourselves to the standards and expectations of those around us, we often feel as if we have failed, don’t measure up or that we are better than others.  This type of thinking is unhealthy and perpetuates behaviors of self-sabotage and negative self-talk.  Both of which are damaging to our spiritual well-being.  

When we find ourselves in this mindset, we can dig a little deeper to discover the root cause of the issue. 

  • Do we have a need for approval? 
  • Do we have a need for validation and recognition from others? 
  • Are we trying to be seen or heard? 
  • Are we striving to find value and meaning in our life? 
  • Is it a sense of worth or value? 

Taking the time to explore the energetic connections that link your subconscious belief structures to your everyday life experience transforms your sense of self-worth, empowers you to make conscious decisions and reclaims your authority over your life.

Jelan Petersen
Founder & CEO
Arasu Healing Arts

Our programs help support you with energetic tools and intuitive guidance as you navigate your Journey of self to soul with unconditional love and compassion.  

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