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Energy Healing is Like Dusting: The Process of Healing

Energy Healing is like Dusting

Have you ever noticed that no matter how careful you try to dust something, dust particles still fly up into the air and settle back down onto your diligent, hard work a few minutes after you have finished the job? 

Energy healing is similar to this process.  

We invite the whole of the loving Universe to ever so gently move things around, cleanse and release the “dirt” of our lives back into the loving hands of Divine Light.  Some things are instantly removed and cleared, like the dust particles on the rag.  Other things are shifted.  They float around a bit, then settle back into our energetic field with new resonance.  This gives us another opportunity to re-examine them, while continuing to learn and grow.  When we are ready to completely let them go, the healing takes place.  

With any type of energy healing there is a “settling” period for the process to take place and the healing to be fully integrated.  This is an important aspect of awareness to remember when engaging with any kind of belief or energy work. 

When you go in over and over again to heal an area of your life, it is like frantically trying to catch the particles of dust in the air, hoping to prevent them from “landing” back in your energetic field.  This process wastes your precious energy, drives you crazy, makes you feel like you are hitting a block and leaves you with feelings of despair and discouragement.  It is exhausting, creates unneeded stress on the physical and emotional bodies and is a form of self-punishment.  This is not an action of unconditional love or compassion.

First and foremost, energy healing is the manifestation of unconditional love and compassion throughout every aspect of being.

Remember to show love and compassion towards yourself through every step of the healing process.  This doesn’t mean that it will always be easy.  Facing the deepest, darkest parts of yourself may even be painful at times.  But, you learn to approach these aspects of self with loving kindness, without judgment, condemnation or persecution of self.

Do your personal healing work, meditations, spiritual practices, and let the healing process transpire with ease and grace.  

Do your work gently, giving yourself time to process and integrate the energetic changes before moving on to the next step.  

Healing is a process.  

Part of the journey is to notice the most subtle and minute changes that occur.  

Chances are, if you are actively engaging in creating positive changes in your life and feeling as if nothing is changing (like you are “stuck”, or “blocked”), then you are most likely holding onto expectations of “what you want to happen”, rather than, being a clear and open channel to witness the Divine gifts given to you from the healing.  

Learn to let go of any attachments to the outcome. 

Learn to trust that the highest and greatest good is taking place, regardless of how you judge or perceive that happening.

Whether working on yourself or with a skilled practitioner, remember to allow time in between each session to adjust gently to the energetic shifts.

Pay attention to subtle things in your day to day life.  

Let go of any preconceived ideas or expectations regarding the session.  

Be aware of how many healers you are working with on a regular basis.  This includes any medical, mental health, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, psychic readings, Reiki, tapping, or any other complementary or alternative healing modalities available.  Many healing techniques compliment each other; however, you want to ensure adequate time to facilitate the integration of each healing session.

It is also important to inform your practitioners about any other healers you are currently seeing.  (Have you ever tried to dust a bookshelf with more than one person?)  A trained and skilled energy practitioner will be able to help with the integration of other healing techniques along with their specific modality.  This will provide you with a gentler healing process with all your endeavors working harmoniously together for your greatest benefit.

It is also important to understand:   No matter how many healers you work with, your healing is ultimately your responsibility.  Even the most skilled, advanced and trained healer cannot help someone who is unwilling to accept, integrate and make the necessary physical changes in their daily life to facilitate the positive changes they desire.  Healers act as mere supporters to your healing process.  We hold the energetic container of love and safety for you to explore, examine and except the healings you feel you are willing, able and worthy of receiving. 

Jelan Petersen,
Founder & CEO
Arasu Healing Arts

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