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Hocus-Pocus, Abracadabra! The Magical World of Energy Healing

Unlike fairytales, energy healing does not magically make your problems disappear.

No matter how much you wish or tap your heals three times, energy healing will not lift you up and transport you into another reality.  There is no magic wand or cure-all pill.  The trumpets don’t blare, the angels don’t sing, and the stars don’t magically align to illuminate your world.

You will still be accountable and responsible for the creations you have made, the actions you have taken, and the choices you have chosen.  You will still have to pay your bills, honor your commitments, and tend to your obligations.


Energy healing techniques are intended to:

  • Bring you a greater awareness to the sources of contention, anger, and resentments to your situation and circumstances.

  • Release you from your agreements to experience your paradigm through suffering, pain, or anger.

  •  Remove the vibrational ties that you hold in the patterns of self-sabotage.

Energy healing is a process of learning:

  • How to be fully responsible and accountable for every aspect of self.

  • How to love, accept, and nourish all of the parts of yourself (even the ones you despise).

  • How to stand in your own authority, empowered by your inherent divine worth. 

Energy healing gives you greater understanding of your choices and creations in life.  It brings you to a place of acceptance and peace; so that, you can move pass being a victim of circumstance and into full realization of your true divine expression of self. 

Energy healing moves you into the vibration of accountability, responsibility, and empowerment; so that, you may create your life from a place of true freedom and alignment with your highest and greatest good. 

Arasu Healing Arts offers the framework and tools for you to rebuild your paradigm in alignment with your divine purpose.  My session packages are designed to provide a safe and loving space for you to explore, identify, and release your limiting subconscious belief structures that prevent you from unlocking your true power.

If you are ready to move pass the hocus-pocus and truly delve into your healing journey, I would love to help you create a magical life full of amazement and wonder.  Schedule your Let's Get Acquainted call today. 


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