Advancing Reiki As Souls Untether

This program is designed to prepare the student to guide others along their path. 

Emphasis is placed on creating a professional business, documentation and establishing clientele.


This course provides the student with the opportunity to further explore the depth of the concepts and techniques, while developing the skills and confidence to work with others in a professional capacity.

The Advancing Reiki Course is for:

This program is for those who have successfully completed the Reiki Level 1, 2, and Master Courses and wish to work with others professionally in the healing arts.  Emphasis is placed on creating a professional business, documentation, course development and establishing a clientele. 

4 Benefits of Learning Reiki


Increases Awareness and Trust in you iIntuition.  Easy to learn, safe, natural and applicable to daily life.

Inner Peace

Decreases Anxiety & Worry, Enhances Inner Peace and emotional balance.  Soothes and Calms the Spirit.


Promotes a spirit of gentle Loving-Kindness, Gratitude and Compassion within your heart for yourself and others.


Establishes healthy boundaries to reclaim your power and establish your Divine Presence on Earth.

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In This Course:

You will further develop your skills working with others through the practice of mentoring  students currently enrolled in the Reiki Courses.  You will learn how to develop and create your own appointment schedule, as well as how to manage, lead, document and follow up with client sessions.  You will develop the skills necessary to work as a healing arts professional through practical experience, while being coached along the way. 

You will also be challenged to expand your ideas and concepts of healing through the practice of gratitude in the Gratitude Garden Units, and delve deeper into advanced healing techniques through the Reiki Exploration practices. 

You will Learn:

  • Professional management skills
  • Session documentation
  • How to conduct a professional session
  • Business development, ethics and legal issues
  • Course development
  • Advanced healing techniques
  • How to create a healing ceremony

Other elements of this course will also include:

  • 12 Gratitude Garden Units with weekly exercises to delve deeper into your own personal journey.
  • 12 Reiki Explorations with advanced healing topics and techniques.
  • 12 Business Preparation and Development Units with practical assignments to form your own practice.
  • 12 Course Creation Units to develop your own teaching style and methods while strengthening your understanding of the subject matter.


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Yes - I want to apply for this course!

Upon Completion of This Course:

  • You will have the confidence and business plan in place to fully step into your own professional healing arts practice.
  • You will have a comprehensive understanding of many healing modalities and how to intuitively incorporate them into a professional healing session based on the needs of each individual client. 
  • You will have the knowledge and confidence to begin to teach and certify other in the healing arts.
  • You will have the tools and resources you need to continue your own healing journey while guiding others along their own paths.

You will be certified as an Arasu Master & Mentor and able to practice and teach energy healing as an Independent Healing Arts Practitioner.  You will also be able to practice Reiki as a Certified Independent Reiki Master and Teacher.  You will have met all of the requirements set forth in the Arasu Healing Arts program and be eligible to apply for membership to the Arasu Healing Arts Guild.

"Jelan is an open energetic vessel and allows complete surrender. She resonates with her clients, giving them the perfect experience from beginning to most excellent end."

Lea Shato
Ninth Radiant Gate Bodywork

"Jelan is a natural teacher and master meditation leader! It is so pleasant to be in the sacred space that she creates. Jelan is also eager to be of service and impart skills and experience to every student and seeker. I am most blessed to have taken Holy Fire Reiki from her and double blessed by my fellow students’ presence. I am looking forward to further expanding my repertoire with Jelan"

Cheryl Denman

"Jelan’s healing sessions helped me to move through a challenging personal time in my life in a way that conventional therapies could not. I am so grateful for her ability to truly listen in a deep and honest way, then gently guide me toward unveiling my own inner truth. Her presence is subtle, empowering and transformational. What a blessing Jelan has been in my life!"

Jessie Tierney
Experienced – Registered Yoga Teacher

"Beautiful talented lady who makes you feel relaxed, centered and special, whether you just stop in to say hi or get a treatment or take one of her classes. Jelan is truly a gift!"

Assunta Napoleone

We offer the opportunity for the student to not only obtain the foundations, intellectual knowledge and understanding of spiritual healing concepts, but also to fully integrate the energies into the essence of their beings and bring the concepts into practical realization for their everyday life.