Advanced Reiki Applications: Sequential Universe

This course is designed to extrapolate out from the journey of the self into an adventure of exploring the energetic world and healing systems along many different paths.


This course is designed to show the interrelationship within the various healing modalities, how they work together in harmony rather than as separate systems. 

The Advanced Reiki Applications: Sequential Universe Course is for:

This course is designed specifically for those who have already successfully completed the prerequisite courses: Arasu Reiki Level 1, 2 - Accessing Reiki: Soul Unfolding and Arasu Reiki Master - Applied Reiki and Spiritual Understanding, and who are ready to build on that foundation, moving into a more advanced understanding of energy work.  This course is for both individual knowledge and personal development; as well as, for those wishing to gain tools for use in their professional practice and/or business.

4 Benefits of Learning Reiki


Increases Awareness and Trust in you iIntuition.  Easy to learn, safe, natural and applicable to daily life.

Inner Peace

Decreases Anxiety & Worry, Enhances Inner Peace and emotional balance.  Soothes and Calms the Spirit.


Promotes a spirit of gentle Loving-Kindness, Gratitude and Compassion within your heart for yourself and others.


Establishes healthy boundaries to reclaim your power and establish your Divine Presence on Earth.

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In This Course:

You will review the many planes of existence and the interwoven connections between our human bodies, our subtle energy fields and the world around us.

You will learn how to apply Reiki and spiritual understanding through several different healing modalities and techniques.

This program is designed to offer a basic understanding of each modality, introduce you to techniques that incorporate those methods into your healing practice, and provide practical experience with each modality in a fun and interactive environment.

 Some of the what you’ll experience includes, but is not limited to learning to incorporate Reiki Healing with

  • Crystals
  • Herb, Plant and flower Essences
  • Essential Oils
  • Hands-on Healing
  • Frequency Healing
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Breath Work

You will also explore the spiritual world through:


  • Elemental Spirits
  • Animal Totems & Guides
  • Ancestral & Spirit Guides
  • Angels & Ascended Masters
  • Laws of the Universe
  • Oneness

You’ll be given an opportunity to dive into each modality and explore how the vibrational frequencies interact with the body, the energetic field and how those subtle energies promote healing within individuals.

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Prerequisites: Arasu Reiki Level 1, 2 - Accessing Reiki: Soul Unfolding
Arasu Reiki Master -
Applied Reiki and Spiritual Understanding

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Upon Completion of This Course:

  • You will have a better understanding of the “why” different healing modalities work with different people at different times.
  • You will have an understanding about your own intuitive gifts and which systems resonate more with you.
  • You will have a greater understanding of the world around you, how you choose to perceive your experience and how the energetic properties within your environment affect you.
  • You will have the basic skills necessary to apply the healing techniques into your own practice and a clear understanding of what to look for in pursuing further training in a specific technique.

You will be a Certified Arasu Sr. Practitioner and able to practice advanced energy healing as an Independent Healing Arts Practitioner.  You will also be able to practice Reiki as a Certified Independent Reiki Master.  And you will also have completed the prerequisite requirement for the Advancing Reiki As Souls Unthether Course to become a Certified Arasu Master & Teacher.

"Jelan is an open energetic vessel and allows complete surrender. She resonates with her clients, giving them the perfect experience from beginning to most excellent end."

Lea Shato
Ninth Radiant Gate Bodywork

"Jelan is a natural teacher and master meditation leader! It is so pleasant to be in the sacred space that she creates. Jelan is also eager to be of service and impart skills and experience to every student and seeker. I am most blessed to have taken Holy Fire Reiki from her and double blessed by my fellow students’ presence. I am looking forward to further expanding my repertoire with Jelan"

Cheryl Denman

"Jelan’s healing sessions helped me to move through a challenging personal time in my life in a way that conventional therapies could not. I am so grateful for her ability to truly listen in a deep and honest way, then gently guide me toward unveiling my own inner truth. Her presence is subtle, empowering and transformational. What a blessing Jelan has been in my life!"

Jessie Tierney
Experienced – Registered Yoga Teacher

"Beautiful talented lady who makes you feel relaxed, centered and special, whether you just stop in to say hi or get a treatment or take one of her classes. Jelan is truly a gift!"

Assunta Napoleone

We offer the opportunity for the student to not only obtain the foundations, intellectual knowledge and understanding of spiritual healing concepts, but also to fully integrate the energies into the essence of their beings and bring the concepts into practical realization for their everyday life.